Publications by Lieven Smits


Every hyperlink gives access to a full bibliographic reference, an abstract and a list of references.

  1. A Remark on Smoothing of Magnetic Schrödinger Semigroups
  2. On the Geometries of the Rational Unfoldings of ±Xk
  3. Rational Unfoldings of ±Xk and Their Relation with Geometric Equilibrium Theory
  4. Combinatorial Approximation to the Divergence of One-Forms on Surfaces
  5. Winding Number and the Number of Real Zeroes of a Function
  6. Semigroups Defined by Additive Processes
  7. Moments of Certain Stochastic Integrals Occurring in Mathematical Physics

Publications 4-7 are also mentioned in the University of Antwerp Academic Bibliography.


My popular writings are all in Dutch. Every hyperlink below gives access to a Dutch-language webpage with a full bibliographic reference, an abstract and a list of references.

  1. A Model for Guided Lab Exercises Through the Web (Een model voor begeleide oefeningen op het Web)
  2. (book) Programming in Java - Applets and Business Applications (Programmeren in Java - Applets en bedrijfstoepassingen)
  3. Dealing with the Internet Efficiently (Efficiënt omgaan met Internet)
  4. Where Is the Information Systems Manager ? (Waar zit de informatica-manager ?)
  5. Technology for Interactive Websites (Technologie voor interactieve websites)


My Erdös number is probably 4, the shortest path being

Lieven Smits
Johannes A. van Casteren (Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen)
Zhong-Xin Zhao (University of Missouri, Columbia MO)
Kai-Lai Chung (Stanford University)
Pal Erdös

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