On the Geometries of the Rational Unfoldings of ±Xk


W. Kuyk (in real life, Willem Kuijk - here are a few other of his many works) and Lieven Smits

Bibliographical Reference

Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, volume 19 (1990), pages 77-86.


With a view to applications to self-regulating dynamical processes in biology, we determine the geometric structure of what we call 'isotangent curves', i.e., curves parametrized by the slopes of their points. They come up naturally as bifurcation curves of rational unfoldings of Xk and we classify them according to degree and number of cusps. They, as well as their isotangent involute curves, turn up in simulations of these processes.

AMS Subject Classifications (1985)

52A10, 28A75, 26B15.


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