Moments of Certain Stochastic Integrals Occurring in Mathematical Physics


Lieven Smits

Bibliographical Reference

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, section A (Mathematics), volume 120 (1992), pages 267-282.


We give an expression for the n-th moment of certain Itô integrals. The integrands considered are nonanticipating functionals of the form s ® a(s, Xs) where a is a measurable time-dependent vector field in space satisfying mild regularity conditions, and Xs is standard translated Brownian motion. The expressions are similar to the Dyson-Phillips terms for magnetic Schrödinger semigroups.

We use these expressions to establish properties of the solutions of certain Cauchy problems and we relate our results to the framework of generalised Dyson expansions as set up by Johnson and Lapidus.


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